BT Series

The Poolad-Borche BT series is considered a fully capable and economical injection moulding machine. The BT series uses a variable displacement pump for controlling the flow of fluid within the system. Compared to traditional pumps, variable displacement pumps can reduce power consumption by as much as 30% to 70%. The pumps used in the Poolad-Borche BT series are made by the Japanese company Yuken.


The BT series is equipped with a three-platen clamping unit and is manufactured in a variety of sizes ranging from 60 tons to 1800 tons. The control panels of the BT series are provided by the Austrian company KEBA, which is available in different languages including Farsi.




Poolad machines use KEBA’s manufacturing control systems.

Notable features of the BT series:


Saving Water

Compared to traditional pumps, variable displacement pumps require less water for maintaining the fluid temperature



Saving hydraulic oil

Variable displacement pumps enable the hydraulic fluid to last 3 times longer and thereby, significantly reduce maintenance and repair cost


More production and less cost

By using variable displacement pumps, instead of traditional ones, we can increase size of the pump while keeping the same motor, and therefore increase the production rate of the machine

 (All Poolad-Borche BT Series machines already include this feature)