In the injection molding industry a robot is an automation tool that, once programmed, can perform a number of complex and necessary tasks that are typically carried out by operators. Addition of a robot in an injection molding process brings about a number of advantages including minimized operator involvement, reduced human error, faster processing times, improved safety, repeatability and consistency, and cost saving.


Recent developments of automation robots in the plastics industry have caused many in the injection molding industry to consider robots a necessary addition to their production lines. In some processes, such as in-mold labelling where a label has to be placed inside the mould at each cycle prior to mould closure addition of a robot to the production line is mandatory as robots are currently the only method available to preform these complicated tasks.


Collaboration of Poolad with Well-Lih:


Poolad has been collaborating with the Chinese company Well-Lih since 2014 to offer a more complete and robust automation solution to its clients. Established in 2003, Well-Lih is now one of the most advanced robotics companies in China offering automation solutions for a variety of industrial applications. Although, currently the main focus of Well-Lih is on automation solutions for the injection molding industry, the company’s vision is to become a world class supplier of industrial automation solutions.




Considering the wide application of automation tools in the injection molding industry, Poolad has selected a variety of robots to satisfy its customers’ needs. Below are some of the robots Poolad offers its customers. For more information and consultation services customers are welcomed to contact Poolad’s engineering and technical sales department.

IML Robot

M-Shaped Robot

3 Axis Robot