Moulds form a key element in the injection moulding industry. A countless variety of products can be produced when an injection moulding machine and a mould are paired together. Higher quality moulds typically have a longer lifespan and can produce quality products for many years.

The potential of a great injection moulding machine is fully realized only when it is paired with a quality mould. The most apparent indicator of an excellent mould is its quality of steel. That is because a good mould must be resistant to the wear and tear caused by the extreme temperature and pressure applied to it by molten polymer throughout its service. The longevity of a mould then relies on the quality of its steel.

Throughout the years, Poolad has been collaborating with some of the most renowned mould manufacturers from Europe and Eastern Asia in order to provide the highest quality moulds at the best prices for its customers. Poolad customers who choose to take advantage of our consultation services for mould selection will also benefit from our after sales and technical support services.

Below are some of the item categories for which Poolad offers consultation for mould selection: