Automation Equipment

Considering the need of the domestic and regional markets for high quality automation equipment, Poolad began collaborating with the Chinese company Topstar in 2014 and now offers its clients a variety of automation equipment including feeding systems, dryers and dehumidifiers, granulators, conveyor systems, and more.


About Topstar


Topstar Technology Co. LTD is located in Guangdong City, China and covers an area of 72,000 square meters of land. Founded in 2007, Topstar built a reputation for being one of the fastest growing companies in the field of automation solutions for the injection moulding industry. Topstar’s focus on research and development, engineering and design, production, marketing and sales, and after sales services offers its clients a unique opportunity to satisfy all of their automation needs from a single reliable source.

Automation plays a key role in today’s industries. The less human involvement in a production line, the higher the processing speed and quality of products produced, and the lower the defect rate. For these reasons, many in the injection moulding industry today have switched from manual feeding to autoloaders for feeding raw material in their production lines. Because autoloaders have the added benefit of controlling the amount and speed of raw material being fed into the system, they contribute greatly to the overall energy savings of the production line.


Notable features of Topstar’s mountable autoloaders


  • Dusting of the filters prior to each loading cycle using compressed air
  • Hopper made from anti-corrosion material
  • Engine overload protection system
Model Specifications
Loading Power (kg/hr) Motor Power (w) Hopper Capacity (liter) Conveyor Diameter (mm)
TAL-6 140 1100 6 38

Notable features of Topstar’s ground autoloaders


  • Hopper made from anti-corrosion material
  • Audible material shortage alarm
  • Audible material shortage alarm
  • Engine overload protection system
  • Main controller and material hopper designed separately for easier control of long distance conveying material
Model Specifications
Loading Power(kg/hr) Motor Power(w) Hopper Capacity(liter) Conveyer Diameter(mm) Phases
TAL-700G 300 1100 6 38 1
TAL-810G 500 750 6 38 3
TAL-820G 700 1500 6 38 3
700 1500 6 + 6 38 3

Hygroscopic polymers have a strong tendency to attract moisture from the ambient air. When such polymers enter a production system untreated, they can have severe and visible negative impact on the quality of the product being produced. Hence, in order to produce a high quality and highly durable plastic product, it is imperative that the raw plastic material be treated in high-temperature dry air for a sufficient amount of time prior to entering the production system.


Notable features of Topstar’s drying systems


  • Lower drying time due to high efficiency
  • High precision temperature control system
  • Independent air filtration system
  • – Easy to replace and replenish raw material
Model Specifications
Heater Power (kw) Motor Power (w) Conveyor Diameter (mm) Phases
50 Kg 4 170 38 3
100 Kg 6 185 38 3
200 Kg 12 320 38 3
400 Kg 18 340 38 3

Plastic wastes form a great portion of total daily wastes. The environmental considerations implied, in addition to the ever increasing cost of raw materials, has led to an increased demand for recycled material in the plastics industry. Granulators are an effective and reliable solution for recycling and re-entering plastic waste into the production cycle.

Notable features of Topstar’s granulators

  • – High speed grinding
  • – Operator safety considerations
  • – Low vibration and noise
  • – Flexibility of use for a variety of plastic materials
Model Specifications
Grinding Area imentions Capacity (kg/hr) Motor Power(w) Phases
TGP-4127Q 410*270 mm 200-250 7.5 3
TGP-5232Q 520*320 mm 300-350 11 3
TGP-6234Q 620*340 mm 350-450 15 3