Poolad IMM Co. was founded in 1980 as one of the first manufacturers of injection moulding machines in Iran. Over the next 35 years Poolad established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of injection moulding machines in the country, as well as in the Middle East; Poolad has built a strong reputation for outstanding quality and customer service, which is evident by the thousands of its machines that are still serving the industry across Iran and the neighboring countries, some of them for over decades.

Poolad IMM Co. is also the parent company of Poolad Pooyesh Co. Founded in 2002, Poolad Pooyesh began specializing in producing PET preforms. Today, Poolad Pooyesh offers a wide variety of PET preforms of various specifications as well as packaging solutions for the food industry with in-mould labelling (IML) capability.


  • 1980: Production of plastic parts for electrical industry
  • 1981: Design of the first generation of Poolad’s injection moulding machines and production of parts
  • 1983: production of the first injection moulding machine based on the developed design
  • 1984: Design and production of the improved second generation injection moulding machines


  • 1985: Introduction of the first set of 120 ton machines to the market. These machines are still being used today
  • 1987: Design and production of the first set of 25 ton machines. These machines are still serving the industry today
  • 1990: Relocation to a new facility and the beginning of mass production with over 60 machines per year
  • 1991: Design and production of a new and improved generation of 250 ton machines


  • 1993: Design and production of the popular 125 ton machines
  • 1996: Relocation to the existing facility (the current headquarter facility)
  • 1998: Exportation of over 20 machines per year to neighbouring countries
  • 1999: Establishment of facility number 2, dedicated to manufacturing body parts


  • 2000: ISO 9001 certificate issued for outstanding quality
  • 2001: Design and production of injection moulding machines specific to production of PET preforms
  • 2002: Establishment of Poolad Pooyesh Co. as a subset of the Poolad holding group


  • 2003: Collaboration with the South Korean company WOOJIN SELEX
  • 2004: Design and production of the Poolad SLX series
  • 2005: Introduction of the Poolad SLX series at the Iranplast exhibition


  • 2006: Selection and supply of the highest quality Chinese injection moulding machines to the market for a more robust line of products
  • 2008: The initiation of the design/implementation of injection moulding machines project in Venezuela.
  • 2009: Design and production of the new Poolad injection moulding machines in China through cooperation with Borche company


  • 2013: Expansion of Poolad Pooyesh Co. to offer a wider range of preforms in vaster quantities
  • 2014: Installation of IML production lines and production of IML and thin-wall containers
  • 2015: Relocation of Poolad Pooyesh Co. to the new facility in Parand Industrial City, in Tehran